The Deep Hole Drilling facility, located in Rockford, Illinois, offers over one hundred years of combined experience in deep hole drilling, spade drilling, ejector drilling, trepanning, and honing. Our full-service facility can handle your deep hole requirements with the following capacities:

• Gundrilling - diameters from .078” to 2.50” and lengths to 24.0 feet

• Spade Drilling - diameters to 10.00” and lengths to 20.0 feet

• Ejector Drilling - diameters to 2.56” and lengths to 6.0 feet

• Trepanning - diameters to 9.00” and lengths to 14.0 feet

• Honing - diameters to 20.00” and lengths to 24.0 feet

At Deep Hole Drilling, our focus is on service. We understand the value of quick, reliable service in today’s manufacturing environment. Our entire organization is built around providing our customers with quick and accurate price quotes. Once we receive your job, our well-equipped plant and experienced people go to work. As a result, we are often able to process your work in twenty-four hours or less. This level of service has earned Deep Hole Drilling a reputation for quality and dependability that is second to none in the industry. Our facility adheres to 6 Sigma methodologies.

In addition to our standard drilling services, Deep Hole Drilling also supplies raw materials and sawing services to support our customers’ production requirements. Our material preparation service saves thousands of dollars and weeks of lead-time, and provides you with a vital competitive edge in today’s competitive marketplace. At Deep Hole Drilling, we combine experience, commitment and capacity to provide outstanding service and reliability. Contact us for your next requirement, and let us show you what we can do for you.

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